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5 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs Technical Staff Augmentation

Technical Staff Augmentation is the process of hiring a Tech consulting firm that specializes in hiring a team of experts that match the required skillset for a project.

The consulting firm employs the resources, not the company, heading the project. This presents a number of benefits. Here are a few of them.

Keep Up with Harsh Deadlines

Most development projects are executed on an urgent basis, which means they come with strict deadlines that your company must meet. These deadlines can be impossible to meet at times if you don’t have additional resources.

What’s worse, it’s estimated that it takes about 23 days to complete the hiring process; this means that you could lose a project while you try to find competent staff.

Technical Staff Augmentation gives businesses some breathing room, so they can align external work teams with urgent projects.

Moreover, your hiring managers will be spared the time, energy, and resources of finding, hiring, and training qualified candidates for the job.


In-house staff comes with a ton of overhead costs for the company. They need to be paid wages, insurance, benefits among others. You’ll be paying taxes, paying for supervision and management, training, and more.

Technical Staff Augmentation allows IT hiring managers to cut the business’s overhead costs. You’ll be cutting costs related to various administrative functions, and you also won’t be dealing with unemployment concerns.

Meets Specialized Skill Gaps

The ideal Tech team is one that possesses all the specialized skills that your business requires. Although, this is far from what usually ends up happening. Different projects demand various specialized skills, and full-time staff seldom, if ever, possesses all the skills needed.

With this in mind, Technical Staff Augmentation provides a viable solution to bridging skill gaps in project teams.

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You Have Complete Control

One of the main downsides of outsourcing project development and services is a loss of control over the process.

Technical Staff Augmentation, however, allows companies to retain complete control over all the major determining factors of the project.

You will decide who oversees the project and you set the timelines. Everything will be done under your set guidelines.


With Technical Staff Augmentation, IT hiring managers are allowed room to dedicate specialized teams around particular skills, expertise, and technologies, and products for different projects and deadlines.

It allows companies to swiftly respond to change, terminate contracts, and prioritize growth opportunities.

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