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Outsourced Digital Marketing

Digital marketing consists of multiple, ever-changing features as well as limitless possibilities. This makes it difficult to acquire all of the skills needed within one company, but there are great opportunities to outsource this part of your business to a specialist company in Costa Rica.
We are proud to have dedicated teams of specialists to outsource all areas of digital marketing.
outsourced digital marketing

Our Outsourced Digital Marketing Services


SEO outsourced digital marketing

Technical SEO is the process of optimizing your website for the crawling and indexing phase which improves the access of search engines as they interpret your website.


Content marketing focuses on creating consistently relevant and valuable content with the aim of attracting and retaining a clearly defined demographic.


SEM uses the likes of paid advertising to promote your website and increase its visibility in search engine rankings.


Email marketing is not just sending emails to prospective customers for marketing purposes, but about knowing how and when to do it without irritating the recipient.


Marketing automation uses a single streamlined platform to manage all aspects of your marketing campaigns, including email, social media, mobile messaging and ads.


UX/UI design maximizes the usability and the user experience for devices and software such as computers and mobile devices.


B2B lead generation is the process of identifying the ideal customers for your business and then attracting them to use your service or buy your product.


RRSS management is a service that establishes the image of your clients using their online data to identify the ideal communication method between your businesses.

why outsourced digital marketing

Why Outsource Your Digital Marketing?

The main benefit of outsourcing your digital marketing is the ability to grow your business without the enormous investment of hiring new talent with the necessary skills on a permanent basis. You can reap the rewards that such in-demand talent provides without the financial outlay they require, nor the commitment their permanent contracts demand.

approach to outsourced digital marketing

How We Approach Digital Marketing?

We like to begin by getting together with our clients to discuss the details of the project. Our leadership and that of our clients will then define the full scope of the goals and requirements of the digital marketing activities. Even similar projects for different clients can have significantly different needs, so it is important both sides fully understand what is involved and what is required from each other.

Once the details of the project have been established, the role assignment process begins where we identify the ideal talent to facilitate and help our clients achieve their goals. We can choose from some of the best talent pools in Costa Rica, so our clients will always be provided with exactly what they need.

how outsourced digital marketing can help

How EX2 Outcoding Can Help?

We have exclusive access to the best digital marketing specialists in Costa Rica, all equipped with multiple certifications. Everyone at EX2 Outcoding is bilingual, speaking fluent English and Spanish. Plus, as we operate in the Central Time Zone, our working hours will match-up with our clients in the United States, which makes communication simple with zero translation problems. Our project management is also second to none as we only use tested and proven project management tools as well as employing agile methodologies.

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