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Things to Consider Before Outsourcing Software Quality Assurance

Testing for quality assurance is an essential part of every software development project. Whether you’re creating multi-level marketing software for your business or a small scale enterprise resource planning program for your start-up, you will need a team of qualified software professionals to oversee and analyze the project. Through quality assurance tests, you can ensure that the software solution to be delivered will meet the client’s requirements and quality expectations.

While some software companies develop and test software in the same space, it isn’t the most effective way to ensure code quality, as it shifts the focus of the team from development. In order to identify all critical issues in the software with minimum hassle, you can outsource its quality assurance to a nearshore company.

If you’re fairly new to the idea of outsourcing QA services, here are some guidelines that can help you get started.

Outsourcing Requirements

Outsourcing is a convenient option for quality assurance, but the number of choices can make it difficult for firms to select a suitable company for their needs. Deciding between various outsourcing experts is a challenging ordeal, which can be simplified by developing a sound understanding of the outsourcing requirements of your company.

Evaluate the nature of the project to determine whether you need a short-term or a long-term testing team. For short-term projects, you can also opt for staff augmentation services and temporarily add a few members to your existing team to get the job done.

Location and Expenses

In terms of location, QA outsourcing companies can be divided into three categories, namely onshore, nearshore and offshore outsourcing. Onshore outsourcing enables you to have access to a quality assurance team which shares the same time-zone and culture as your company. This minimizes the possibility of miscommunication and offers a greater level of responsiveness.

However, the cost of services charged by onshore companies is typically very high. Offshore companies provide reduced labor costs but the cultural differences can develop a communication barrier between both parties. This is why nearshore outsourcing is the most suitable option in most cases.

Experience and Track Record

To effectively identify and troubleshoot problems in software, your outsourced quality assurance team needs to have extensive industrial experience and a consistent track record. Consulting inexperienced and amateur testers for quality assurance can slow down the testing process and might even lead to complications later. Therefore, before reaching out to an outsourcing company for QA, it’s vital to consider their experience in the field and testimonials of their previous clients.

Flexibility and Change Management

When outsourcing QA testing services, it’s crucial to evaluate the service provider’s flexibility and change management skills. Your service provider should be able to accommodate time fluctuations and keep up with any requested changes to avoid testing delays. Examine the robustness, modifiability and change management systems used by the company to determine the degree of flexibility it offers.

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