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A Relationship You Can’t Ignore: Creative Web Design and Conversion Rates

The global e-commerce industry is constantly rising and is expected to reach a value worth 4.9 trillion US Dollars by 2021. The e-retail revenues for the industry are also projected to see exponential growth and reach at least 4.88 trillion US Dollars.

These statistics draw a clear picture of how important e-commerce has become in the current economic landscape of the world. Consequently, websites have established themselves as one of, if not the most important factors determining the online presence of businesses today.

Websites allow brands to create a positive brand image and to inform users about their products and services. All these elements lead to one very significant milestone: increased conversion rates.

Understanding Conversion Rates

A conversion rate is the number of times a desired action is carried out by a user on a website. The desired action can either be a product sale, subscription or comments, likes or downloads. It’s essentially any activity that goes beyond browsing.

A high conversion rate means more profits and sales for your venture. To ensure that the graph keeps moving in the right direction, you need to optimize the design and performance of your web application to enhance user experience (UX).

Here’s how you can achieve that:

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Creative Content

Users are looking for useful content that adds to their knowledge. By developing creative blogs, articles, and newsletters that are relevant to your consumers, you can make sure that your users stay hooked to your website.

Consistent Branding

Your website is a major determinant of your brand image, so use it proactively! Every element on the web page should be serving a purpose for your brand’s core values. Keep it sleek, simple and elegant.

Aesthetic Images

To add to the visual appeal of your website, add eye-catching and aesthetic images that draw your user to your site. Using original photos and staying away from stock images is the best way to give your website a unique and customized look.

Reduce Loading Time

Users’ attention spans are getting shorter and the need for instant gratification is increasing. Your users aren’t going to wait for a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. So, you need to reduce the page loading time on your website as much as possible. One of the easiest ways to ensure that is to compress the images you use, along with reducing plug-ins and redirects.

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