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Signs Your Business Should Outsource IT

Be it budgetary concerns, shortage of employees or unusual requirements, there are times when it’s in the firm’s best interest to outsource IT operations. Outsourcing IT offers tons of advantages, including lower operational costs and faster tech integration.

While it’s important for a company to consider all possible courses of action, there are a few key signs that point toward outsourcing tech as the best option. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. You need to reduce labor costs

Small businesses are always looking for ways to reduce overhead costs and  so are very large-scale enterprises; every dollar spent on excess expenses, is a dollar that could’ve been invested in exploring cutting-edge technologies and product marketing.

Outsourcing your IT services gets you off the hook from hiring an IT professional at anywhere from $46,000–$80,000 per year. You can also dodge the additional costs of health benefits, provident funds and employee paid time off.

2. Tech advances are slowing you down

The introduction of a software update or adopting a new piece of hardware can slow things down for an IT team that doesn’t have the required skills to integrate it into existing workflows. On top of that, the team will be required to attend training sessions to get the hang of the new product—making the whole process counterproductive.

When you outsource your technical support, you’ll have the benefit of engaging with multiple IT professionals that are most likely subject matter experts in new technological practices—ultimately adding to your firm’s productivity rather than bringing it to a halt.

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3. You want to focus on your firm’s core processes

If managing your IT team is starting to take time away from managing your business processes effectively, it’s time to outsource your technical support! Especially if you’re a small business—for instance, a legal clinic—there’s no reason for you to spread yourself in managing day-to-day IT issues.

Isn’t it better to have an external team deal with extraneous subjects like tech while your office stays focused on the big picture? Plus, by outsourcing your IT, you get a team with a varied set of skills instead of a single in-house resource.

So, if you’re looking to benefit your business by outsourcing your technical support to a group of experienced tech professionals, partner up with EX² Outcoding! We also offer nearshore web development, web development and IT staff augmentation. Contact us today for more information.

Contact us for further information!

Contact us for further information!

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