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outsourcing mobile and web development to costa rica

Outsourcing Mobile and Web Development to Costa Rica – The Benefits

There are many benefits of outsourcing mobile and web development to Costa Rica. It is an effective way to either launch or expand a business. Immediate advantages include shortening the time to market, reduced project costs and enhanced product quality, though there are other benefits of outsourcing your development projects to Costa Rica explained in further detail below.

Some businesses may be concerned where exactly they are outsourcing to, as they might be unfamiliar with the culture there and what standards will be applied. That is why Costa Rica is a perfect solution, as thanks to the close proximity to the United States it shares all the same work ethics, standards and more. It is also an impressive hub for highly experienced tech-savvy technical professionals.

Here we talk about the many advantages of outsourcing mobile and web development to Costa Rica, as well as the additional benefits of choosing a Costa Rica-based organization.

Reduced Risk

Outsourcing mobile app and web development projects reduce the risk factors involved as the risks and related issues become the sole responsibility of the outsourcing company, rather than the client. Not only does this make the client’s life easier, but the risks will be handled by industry experts with years of specialized experience and technological expertise.

Choose the Best Talent

Outsourcing provides smaller companies with access to a broader range of technically skilled developers. By partnering with a reputable outsourcing company such as EX² Outcoding, you get to hire experts with proven track records. Being able to choose from the best talent available for your specific project and massively improves the quality of the product. Hiring an outsourcing mobile and web development company will also save you time spent on what can be a long and arduous recruitment process.

Multiple Technologies in One Place

The best outsourcing companies for mobile and web consist of developers for iOS, Android, Java, PHP, Ruby, and much more. They will be a full-stack development company; meaning they have all the necessary experts under one roof.

Post-Project Support

Another feature of the best outsourcing companies is their enthusiasm, to truly get to know their clients and build long-term business relationships with them. This means there will always be ongoing support once an initial project has been completed. That way all your software development needs can be handled by one company, whose experts built and know the project.


Outsourcing means you don’t have to employ an entire department containing web developers as well as app designers for both iOS and android and the rest. Websites and apps do require maintenance and updates once complete, but this part of the process does not require a big team to manage it. Outsourcing lets you call upon the necessary expertise to complete the project and maintain it without committing to hiring multiple permanent employees whose primary purpose will be redundant once the project is finished.

Money will also be saved on infrastructural requirements like computers and the necessary software, as well as office space and furniture.

Thriving Tech Industry

Costa Rica is a tech-savvy country very close to the United States. EX² Outcoding is located in San José, the country’s largest and most populous city. This has seen San José thrive as a capital of tech development and is one of the best places where you can outsource development projects.

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