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Progressive Web Apps Are on the Rise

Progressive Web Apps Are on the Rise: Top 4 Reasons

The need for companies to target consumers on mobile devices is pretty evident and well-established at this point; consumers use smart phones more than any other electronic device worldwide. Businesses initially developed native apps for fine user experience but these apps were usually limited to certain devices. Plus, they required to be downloaded, which meant that they lost buy-ins from consumers based on impulse behavior. Enter a new mobile solution: Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

Progressive apps have taken the realm of web development by storm since they combine the best features of both native apps and mobile sites.

So, what are progressive web apps?

In the simplest terms, they are delivered through the web but function like native apps. You can use app-style navigations and gestures without the need to download progressive apps from app stores.

Let’s look at some reasons why PWAs are transforming the standards of mobile application to the point of replacing desktop and mobile websites.

1. Mobile-first approach

If you’re looking to establish an effective mobile presence, developing a progressive web app is your best bet! PWAs are a great mobile-first approach to connect with your consumers since they provide the user experience of mobile apps. Plus, they’re responsive — meaning they’ll adapt to any screen size for a smooth and seamless display.

2. PWAs work well offline

How often has slow internet connectivity or simply the lack of it annoyed you? PWAs differ from conventional apps and websites as they work better when the user is offline. These apps cache information of your last visited page, and allow you to access it when you aren’t connected to the internet — increasing app engagement.

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3. They are fast!

The underlying coding and application structure of Progressive Web Apps is such that they work a lot faster than mobile apps. PWAs are characterized by their key features: loading time of less than 3 seconds. After all, the faster the app, the better the retention, user engagement and ultimately, the overall user experience.

4. They offer SEO benefits

Owed to their ability of being indexed by Google, progressive apps rank high in search engine results and help in putting your business on the map! A PWA app that is properly developed, seamlessly loads when users access the site on their phone, instead of having to access separate links for app and website. Forbes, Alibaba and the Washington Post are a few of the many examples of successful progressive web apps.

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