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4 reasons why Quality assurance in software testing shouldn’t be overlooked

Software testing involves analyzing the software for defects and errors to ensure effective functioning and performance. It is pivotal to understand as to why Quality Assurance is so essential.

Software testers help retain your customers’ confidence and loyalty, by detecting any bugs and errors that may adversely affect the quality of your software before it reaches them. It ensures that the end product meets your customers’ expectations of your software.

Here are 4 reasons why quality assurance in software testing must be considered compulsory.

Quality Assurance in Software Development

1. Gaining customer confidence

Software testing ensures high customer satisfaction by ensuring that the software is user-friendly. Tests are carried out while considering customer requirements and therefore, help in making an easy-to-use and reliable software. Hence, software testing proves to be instrumental in boosting your customer’s confidence in the product.

Software Quality Assurance Services

2. Ensuring software adaptability

There is a large number of devices, browsers, operating systems available today. It is crucial to ensure high software compatibility with all platforms in order to offer customers easy user experience. If your software begins to malfunction when used across different devices, it can lead to negative user experience. Testing adds to a software’s compatibility and adaptability while eliminating any errors in the performance.

3. To identify errors

Software testing helps with the identification of errors before the product goes into the hands of a client. Testing will lead to better functioning of the product as hidden glitches will be exposed and fixed. The end result is that the software will be exceptional in performance before it goes on to wider release.

Software Quality Assurance Process

4. Avoid extra costs

There is a common misconception associated with software testing, that it costs a lot and testers often break the software. The reality is quite contrary to these myths. Ignoring software testing can result in additional expenses when bugs or mistakes are identified after delivery. It is reported that identifying and solving a software glitch after delivery is often 100 times more expensive than finding it during the design phase. In 2017, another report stated that the economy faced a total of $1.7 trillion loss due to software failures. In total, 3.6 billion people were affected because of software failures in 314 companies. Hence, testing is proven to be a cost-effective approach that leads to efficient software development.

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