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Latin America for Nearshore Outsourcing

Reasons to Choose Latin America for Nearshore Outsourcing

Latin America has developed into a hub of technological expertise and entrepreneurial activity in recent years. A lot of this is down to the educational systems that steer students toward such fields of study, and global investment to take advantage of the many initiatives in place to encourage start-ups and help them be successful.

Perhaps the biggest factor in attracting United States-based businesses to partner with outsourcing companies in Latin America is the shared language, where countries like Costa Rica have exceptionally high literacy among their population as well as a country-wide policy to become bilingual.

Here are some more reasons why you should choose to partner with a business from Latin America for Nearshore Outsourcing.

Latin America Nearshore Outsourcing is Cost-Effective

There is no doubt that prices are a little higher in Latin America than in places like China or India, but the additional benefits such as the shared English language and those as described below absolutely outweigh the extra costs. Getting the absolute cheapest price will usually also get you the absolute cheapest work, so for a little extra you can rest assured that you are getting exactly what you want when you outsource to Latin America.

Hiring the right talent in the United States is also often prohibitively expensive, especially for small businesses and start-ups. Latin America is the perfect solution offering the highest quality work for a much lower price than at home.

Similar Time Zones

Latin America shares similar time zones to the United States, so your in-house team and outsourced team will always be able to communicate quickly. Communicating with an outsourced team in Asia can be problematic as you will often have to wait until the next day for even the quickest reply to a question.

Almost the full working day overlaps between the United States and Latin America, so such delayed communication issues are never a problem.

Closer Proximity

The time zones are similar because of the much closer proximity between Latin America and the United States. This makes it much easier and faster to meet in person, plus the air fares will be much cheaper as well.

This is an important factor because building strong working relationships with your nearshore partner is important as it helps the partner get to know you and your business ethos much better.

Similar Cultural Values

The proximity of Latin America to the United States also means there are a lot of cultural similarities with regard to business conduct and work ethic. One example is that a particular personal pride is often present in Asian cultures, which is very admirable in a lot of circumstances, but sometimes can be detrimental to an open and honest business relationship.

If a task is requested that cannot be achieved, then Latin Americans, much like Americans themselves, will have no issue in telling you straight that it cannot be done. They will then go to work finding a solution or an alternative that would work instead. This straight-talking, go-getting culture is not prevalent in other parts of the world where it can be perceived as failure if even an unreasonable request cannot be fulfilled.

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