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Cost Advantages of IT Staff Augmentation

When your company has a large-scale project looming ahead, the last thing you’d want to worry about is recruiting a team to work for you.

Opting for staff augmentation services gives you access to a team of professionals who have specialized skill sets, ideal for specialized projects. This makes it easy for you to focus on the big picture. In a fast-changing industry like IT, where software projects are ongoing, staff augmentation agencies can help get the work done with the right professionals for the job.

Studies show that the global outsourcing market was worth $88.9 billion from 2000 to 2018, so there’s no surprise that firms are rapidly adopting staff augmentation for faster scalability. Here are some benefits of staff augmentation:

Hire on the go

Staff augmentation services allow firms to hire employees for a short period of time, per project. The flexibility in hiring prevents the businesses from incurring additional costs of employee health benefits and provident funds.

On the flip side, this also gives developers the flexibility to work on projects of their choice—a win-win situation for both parties—thus filling the gaps cost-efficiently between the supply and demand of professional skills.

Larger talent pool

As a means of short-term hiring, staff augmentation provides businesses with access to a large talent pool with intensive skill training. These recruits are often domain-centric and bring unique techniques and skills to the project.

Moreover, firms can benefit from the expertise offered by experienced professionals, even if the company doesn’t have the budget to hire them for permanent positions.

Operational efficiency

Small businesses, in particular, incur high operational costs with minuscule return on investments during lean periods. When firms work with staff augmentation agencies, they don’t need to bear the operational and infrastructural costs of the hired team.

The experts either work out of the workspaces of their supplying organizations, or work remotely. Despite the remote work, they’re accountable to the employing organization.

Therefore, not only does staff augmentation reduce the costs of hiring processes, but it also reduces the operational costs; these savings easily translate into profits, too.

Sustained management and control

Despite hiring professionals from a third-party agency, firms still retain control over their work. With staff augmentation, only the human resource is sourced to the external organization, as opposed to project outsourcing, where entire project workings are transferred to the external unit. This way, firms can maintain control over their projects and shape them whatever way they desire.

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