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Microsoft Dynamics Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics Solutions turns relationships into profit by providing digital information that allows you to maximize opportunities in all your business processes.

When you partner with EX² Outcoding to bring Microsoft Dynamics solutions to your business, you combine the cost-cutting benefits of ERP systems with the powerful sales analytics of CRM software.

Every part of your business becomes integrated and presents an enhanced experience for both external and internal customers.









Microsoft Dynamics Solutions is the future of enterprise business solutions, and EX² Outcoding is the partner that can deliver it to you.

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The Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Whatever your business, Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings it together to work as one with your customers.

  • Control cost, reduce loss, and increase profits, with built-in automated processes, far superior to standard ERP systems, that give you digital intelligence about all expenditure.
  • Maximize sales and marketing performance with CRM software reports that allow you to forecast with accuracy, the spot where the action is needed, and implement a successful strategy.
  • Offer a customer experience that builds loyalty as all operations and customer-facing staff will use and update the same CRM system when providing a service or dealing with queries.
  • Motivate staff by giving them the integrated tools to do their job, with everything they need to work effectively at their fingertips in a familiar format.
  • Your business will become proactive because it has access to updated information on which to base informed decisions.

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Dynamics Sure Step Methodology

To transform your business with Microsoft Dynamics solutions, you need a provider that will get to know your processes and fully understand your requirements. At EX² Outcoding we use Dynamics Sure Step Methodology to ensure the system you get is designed to meet your specific business needs.

How does it work?

Our experienced dynamics team will use their business software expertise to quickly analyze your processes and follow the Sure Step Methodology through to the deployment stage. Their speed and competence will reduce the time it takes to deliver the project, which saves you money and gets Microsoft Dynamics 365 working sooner to give you a return on your investment.

Sure Step Methodology Process

  • Understand your business processes and scope a definition of the project.
  • Design the flexible features of the Microsoft Dynamics solution to meet all your requirements.
  • Configure the Dynamics system to integrate all functions so they work seamlessly.
  • Develop the system to maximize the benefits of the Microsoft Dynamics solution.
  • Test the system in operation and make improvements based on results.
  • Deploy the system and start transforming your business.

EX² Outcoding has over 10 years of experience as Microsoft partners, implementing successful CRM on premises, CRM Online and Navision projects. Our Dynamics team has completed over 90 implementations and has extensive experience in different industries such as Government, Real-Estate, Academic, Retail, Financial, Commercial and Automotive.

We invite you to learn how your business can now benefit from our experience and be ready for the Digital Transformation with Microsoft Dynamics Solutions.

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