Mobile App Development Services

Mobile App Development Services

Our company provides custom Mobile App Development Services with the best mobile development standards and most efficient architecture.

EX² Outcoding specializes in applications for smartphones and tablets, and have published more than 100 apps for major mobile platforms such as Apple’s iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

We have become a regional leader in Mobile App Development Services. Our experience allows us to cover the whole lifecycle of a mobile application, from inception and design to implementation, testing, publishing, and maintenance.

Mobile Aplication Development Services

A wide range of organizations has chosen us for the development of their mobile projects, including marketing and advertising leaders, government institutions and financial entities.

In EX² Outcoding, we follow and promote an integrated approach to building apps through our mobile consulting team, which includes designers, developers and project managers.

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Why apps?

It is estimated that in 2016, a quarter of the world population has used smartphones, which represents more than 2,000 million users. By October 2014, there had been more than 85,000 million downloads only in the Apple store.

These facts show the enormous opportunity offered by a published mobile application, and in EX² Outcoding we know how to design and build apps that reach the top charts in downloads and popularity for their regions or market segments.

Advantages of going mobile:

  • Apps are always at hand, ready to run on a device that is part of the user’s everyday life.
  • Apps interact with the user’s environment: location, camera, contacts, etc. This allows us to always deliver content that is relevant to the user’s current situation, at any time.
  • Apps integrate with a growing number of social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more. This is an ever growing chance to increase the app’s exposure, and therefore the reach of your brand or company.


Each app we develop is supported by our expertise and knowledge from more than 100 mobile projects, as well as 500,000+ downloads around the world. Our consulting team has logged thousands of hours dedicated to mobile software; in EX² Outcoding we are mobile app specialists.

Technologies and Tools

iPhone and iPad (iOS):

We have more than 60 iOS applications developed and in excess 350,000 downloads from the Apple store. Our apps have evolved together with technology, and today we offer a wide variety of functionalities that take advantage of the features of new devices, such as native adjustment to screen size, location and interaction with other users and social networks, among other characteristics.


We have launched more than 20 applications in Google Play, with 150,000+ downloads. Our application portfolio in Android includes apps created for important government organizations in Costa Rica, such as the Fire Department, Digital Government and the Ministry of Work, as well as for privately owned companies.

Native and Generic Apps:

Our mobile consultants can help you decide between the performance and user experience of a native application (iOS, Android or Windows Phone), or the flexibility of generic apps (PhoneGap, HTML5). We have the necessary experience in both scenarios and can recommend the best options and approaches for your requirements, timeline, and budget.

Web Services:

Web services provide an ideal and transparent mechanism to integrate mobile apps with other systems, particularly with a company’s IT infrastructure. EX² Outcoding follows a flexible approach to integration through web services, which includes either creating such services or using those that may already be implemented by a client or business partner.

We can also build app-oriented Content Management Systems, with easy-to-use and creative web interfaces for your own team manage and edit the information presented by your mobile apps and websites, all in a single product.




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