Nearshore Software Development Outsourcing

Nearshore Software Development Outsourcing in Costa Rica

Nearshore Outsourcing comes into play by providing a positive impact to any professional business with a changed sourcing strategy, overcoming the language challenges observed in off-shore interactions, with high-quality professional personnel that is inside a continuous growing talent pool that allows for outsourcing partners to provide the kind a growth that can go from a compact 10 player team, up to 200+ team members that function with the same capacity and productivity in the same time zone.

Nearshore Software Development Outsourcing

EX² Outcoding has been a preferred nearshore software development outsourcing business partner for more than 17 years, providing a specialized service experience that is end-to-end seamless. We host operations at one of the most convenient locations in all of Latin America, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a growing economy that provides quality personnel at just a short plane ride from the US and Canada, with a professional talent pool that can be bi-lingual or tri-lingual with ease. Our sourcing strategy is a true differentiator in the market, but we make sure that we keep it competitive with a strong employee-driven culture and social engagement, always giving back to the community that starts with our own team.

Costa Rica offers an outstanding experience, from the weather, to the economy, culinary options, culture positivity, safe to move around and political stability really makes it trouble-free. It allows us to focus solely on delivering your most demanding needs with passion, commitment and accountability at all levels.

Advantages Of Nearshoring:

Creating a partnership with a specialized outsourcer can result in a business-smart way to remotely manage operations counting with an accountable managerial team.

  • Low-cost labor: from sourcing, through selecting and hiring, taking care of the rotation if needed and meeting the minimum skill requirements and beyond can feel like a true pain or can be as easy as an afternoon breeze.
  • Lowering operational costs: facilities, technology, engagement, change management and much more come into play when dealing with keeping a stable operation. Having an outsourcing partner reduces the costs involved in all of these aspects while allowing to have a team of professionals that will be fully accountable for outcomes, results and unexpected road-blocks with the market knowledge and best practices from a large client portfolio.
  • Scalability and Management: your business results and outcomes will only be limited by your own set of boundaries, you choose who to partner with, how to manage the business relation and what you expect to come out of it. If you want 4 high profile professionals or 500 high-profile specialists, nearshore offers that capacity without compromising your goals, whether it be revenue, production, meeting metrics or managing implementation and more.

Nearshore Software Development Outsourcing Company Costa Rica

We invite you to talk to our Sales Team and see for yourself how choosing nearshore outsourcing and partnering with us can be a real turning point for your business revenue, productivity and operations with such a seamless experience, you will ask yourself, how come we didn’t do this before?

Come and see our business success cases, what our portfolio has to say about us, and what is most important, what our employees have to say about the service we deliver.

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