Staff Augmentation Services

Staff Augmentation Services:

Growth often comes with change. EX² Outcoding is here to help manage your Staff Augmentation Services without inflating your organizational overhead. By partnering with EX² Outcoding, our customers can instantly build and manage their own technical team working from Costa Rica in our state of the art facilities (take a 3D virtual tour here).

Your dedicated team becomes an extension of your internal team, working exclusively for you, adhering to your processes and procedures, making EX² Outcoding an operationally sensible, and financially advantageous technical Staff Augmentation Services.

Nearshore Software Development Outsourcing

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EX² Outcoding Dedicated Staffing Exist to:

  • Reduce operational costs Improve technical expertise and bandwidth.
  • Offer scalability to suit unique client needs.
  • Allow clients to focus on execution, rather than people management and infrastructure.
  • Provide a closer, accessible, more business-friendly outsourcing alternative.

Our Approach:

Our leadership meets with clients to define the scope and their unique needs. We then facilitate the recruiting and hiring process. Using our proprietary talent matching process ensures we find and match the best talent in Costa Rica for their needs.

Our Core Capabilities Include:

Back-end Development

    • C#, ASP.Net, VB.Net, Java, J2EE, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails

Front-end Development

    • Ajax, ActionScript, Flash, Flex, HTML, HTML5, XHTML, , CSS2.1, CSS3


    • Joomla, WordPress, Umbraco, Alfresco, Drupal, DotNetNuke

Mobile Development

    • OS, Android, Unity 3D, Windows Phone


    • MS-SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, Postgres, Informix

Unit Testing

    • MS Test, Moq, NUnit, JUnit, PHPUnit


    • UI/UX, Web, Mobile and Print

Quality Assurance

  • Manual and Automated testing

EX² Outcoding Offers:

People / Resources

We have access to top technical talent in Costa Rica (Microsoft, Oracle, and Java certified professionals, SCRUM Masters, etc.) and a proprietary matching process to create effective teams based on your specific requirements.

Nearshore Software Development Outsourcing Company Costa Rica

Location & Proximity

Our location, Costa Rica, is hugely advantageous when comparing Outcoding to competitors based in other parts of the world. We operate in the Central time zone, so our business hours match yours. This dramatically improves communication, productivity, and efficiency. When face-to-face meetings are required, San Jose is a short 3-4 hour direct flight from major U.S. hubs such as Houston, Atlanta, LA or Miami.

Low Turnover

Our management philosophy, company stability, benefits, and culture fosters loyalty and stability ensuring a very low turnover rate. This leads to a stable and effective team for our customers.


Communication is critical when managing outsourced teams, so we provide various tools such as instant messaging, voice over IP, Skype, internet email and video conference rooms for SCRUM. All employees are bilingual and fluent in both English and Spanish, so nothing gets lost in translation.


Dedicated and secure network, servers and workstations. Variety of development platforms configured based on client needs. Redundant internet connections to ensure 24-hour connectivity and high bandwidth.


Our teams will adapt to a customer’s processes to ensure seamless integration of the team.

Project Management

We employ the industry’s most effective project management methodologies, including SCRUM/Agile, Waterfall, and PMI. We can provide you with dedicated or shared project management services based on your needs.

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