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Software Delivery Risk Management—Walking the Path to A Successful Project

Much like projects in any other category, software delivery is highly vulnerable to risks and demands extensive risk mitigation techniques and tactics to bring security, before the project is finally deployed.

Things like inadequate software testing, compromised team productivity or not utilizing updated tools and hardware could result in risks that hinder the project delivery timeline or keep the project from meeting its requirements.

Here are several approaches that can help mitigate delivery risk and increase the likelihood of your project’s success.

What Issues Can Be Mitigated with Software Delivery Risk Management?

Ideally, the final product delivered to the client should be risk-free. But this status is hard to achieve without software delivery risk management tactics put in place to mitigate them.

Security issues like logic bombs, Trojan horses, worms, or agents can be effectively avoided by using a reinforced and protected development environment and thorough quality assurance testing.

Other risks like poor communication, project delays lack of quality control and under qualified staff can also be taken into account and fixed through a high quality risk management approaches.

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Tips for Effectively Managing Software Project Risks

Software risks mainly arise due to issues like poor testing, communication gaps, inadequate hardware and technology and non-adherence to client requirements. There are many ways to mitigate this.

If you’re choosing to work in-house, a good option is to work on creating a robust risk management team that will work in close contact with the development team to ensure that the project executes smoothly.

However, in case your project requires specialized staff, advanced technology and specific skills and talent, a better and more cost effective option would be to opt for outsourcing.

When it comes to outsourcing, there are two options: offshore outsourcing and nearshore outsourcing. While offshore outsourcing does have its benefits, nearshore outsourcing will make sure that there are no gaps in communication and protection from copyright infringement, which is easy and there is continuous legal protection available. There is also the matter of sharing the same time-zone so that team coordination is smooth. These are the advantages that are usually difficult to come by when you’re going for offshore outsourcing.

Another tip is to work with risk managers who are experienced, responsible, accountable, and diligent. It is also important that they know the value of documenting the team’s progress throughout the entire project.

Another thing that helps is immediate responsive feedback and smooth two-way communication in order to manage issues as they come. This also means that the team needs to be highly responsive and proactive when it comes to risk mitigation and management.

Engaging a large variety of different technologies and methodologies can also help cover up any loose ends. Another advantage of this is if in case one tool doesn’t work, there will be other options immediately available to fall back on.

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