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Software Development Costa Rica

Centrally positioned in the highly desirable location of San Jose, Costa Rica, EX² Outcoding provides software development solutions to companies located in the United States.

EX² Outcoding is a premier solution provider for companies looking for high quality, interactive, and cost-effective outsourcing. Nearshore outsourcing has proven to be much more effective and efficient than offshore outsourcing in the case where distributed teams are working on projects.

For almost two decades, EX² Outcoding has been combining proven expertise in technology and project execution to ensure delivery of a broad range of outsourcing services. Our teams diligently practice a partnership approach with our clients which allows us to interface with their entire ecosystem – partners, suppliers and customers – to deliver solutions that ensure success of the project. We provide much more than just applications expertise.

Software Development Costa Rica – Your technical solution

We specialize not only in delivering the best technical solution but also in enhancing that solution creatively by working closely with stakeholders to understand the business context.

Servant leadership is a core belief of ours and we practice that on a daily basis, both inside and outside our company. We are absolutely convinced that if we serve our clients well and look after their business interests, then our business will naturally flourish.

United States Presence

EX² Outcoding is a subsidiary of EX² Solutions Inc., a premier technology services provider ( with head offices in Austin, Texas. We work closely with our US parent company and exchange expertise and knowledge across both organizations. Our US presence also allows our US based clients to access and interact with a company located within the United States.

Global Presence

EX² Outcoding has offices and/or partners in multiple countries including Colombia and India. We use our global presence to provide our clients with solutions that take advantage of each location’s benefits such as cost and availability of expertise. Contact us to find out more.

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