EX² Outcoding uses both Waterfall and SCRUM/Agile software development methodologies in executing projects.

When implementing waterfall, we use a 5 phase methodology to define requirements and develop a solution. The five phases are: Discover, Define, Design, Develop, and Deploy. The following describes the tasks accomplished in each phase:


  • Define business goals
  • Define project success factors (KPI)
  • Document high level business processes
  • Perform competitive analysis of comparative sites
  • Analyze website traffic, using available site reports
  • Compile a solution sketch: Initial draft of feature set & version scope


  • Document creative brief delineating marketing and visual design requirements, e.g. branding attributes, personas
  • Assess product data quality to determine how best to leverage available marketing data
    Define site maps and navigation for each system
  • Document a complete functional specification, through use cases and wireframes
  • Create a non-functional specification for capturing business roles and integration points
  • Create cross functional process flows where applicable – integrations, data flows etc.
  • Define accessibility specifications, providing standards for users of your site who may have disabilities
  • Design base technical specifications including hardware, software, backup and recovery, security, operational and performance requirements

Information architecture activities:

  • Review competitive site content and usability
  • Develop a content matrix
  • Develop taxonomy
  • Perform interaction design, including exit-action and constituent-value reviews
  • Engage in paper prototyping via UI wireframes
  • Conduct iterative UI design reviews & signoff


  • Design the user interface, from overall site look-and-feel to placement of individual fields on each page
  • Document the UI design style guide
  • Design the data model
  • Define the object model
  • Define the application architecture design including general application, caching, exception/error handling, entity relationships, and the object model
  • Perform integration design, including proof of concepts where a high risk in integration is perceived


  • User interface design
  • Develop solution including:
  • Database, including data feeds
  • Application(s)
  • Integration
  • Data warehouse
  • Reports and elements needed for web activity reports
  • Perform unit testing in our “development build” environment based on weekly builds


  • Build our “test” environment and conduct quality assurance test
  • End to end application, data feed, and integration tests
  • User interface quality assurance
  • Conduct load and performance testing and revise accordingly
  • Build the “stage” environment and conduct quality assurance tests in the staging environment
  • Perform user acceptance testing
  • Build the “production” environment and perform one last quality assurance phase to verify
  • Configure web reporting system as needed
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