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2019 Recap: Software Development Trends This Year

The IT industry witnessed tremendous growth this year. Studies show that emerging technologies, including AR/VR, IoT software, etc. accounted for 13% of the U.S. IT market and 17% of the global IT market share.

With 2020 right around the corner, let’s take a look at the top software development trends that dominated 2019:

Artificial Intelligence

AI made significant progress in 2019 and is still continuing to do so. This year, artificial intelligence disrupted the software development arena with deep learning, facial recognition and AI-enabled chips. These advancements led to the subtle use cases of AI, like digital assistants, Gmail response prompter, transcription of voicemails, and not to mention self-driving cars on roads.

2020 is expected to experience a lot more examples of AI convergence with IoT and blockchain. In fact, Coca Cola reported the use of AI and other Big Data technologies to analyze the company’s large amount of data and improve product development.

Moreover, International Data Corporation predicted that 30% enterprises will employ conversation speech tech to improve customer engagements by 2022.

Low code development

The term low code development was coined back in 2014. The software used for low code development allows both non-technical and technical professionals to develop apps with visual programming, drag-and-drop modules, and automatic code generation, thereby lowering the time-to-market.

Low code development is a crucial tool for businesses that are planning to go ahead with digital transformation. Studies show that the total spending on low code development is estimated to hit $21.2 billion by 2022.

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Progressive web apps

Progressive web apps offer app-like experience on a web browser—finding the sweet spot between availability and performance. These powerful web-based apps run seamlessly on any platform. Big companies like Adobe and Google plan to develop progressive web apps in order to help retailers streamline payments and push notifications at a fraction of the cost. The best part of these web apps is that they offer fast load time even if the user has slow internet speed.


Bitcoin was responsible for the cryptocurrency revolution and its underlying software, blockchain, had an even greater impact on the future of software development. The software’s beauty lies in its decentralized nature—the ability to store any type of record in its public database without the possibility of corruption at the hands of a hacker. The simplified and secured recording of transactions in a decentralized ledger makes blockchain technology strategically crucial for companies across all industrial domains.

2019 was dedicated to blockchain-based application called dApps—distributed apps. They are a popular choice for developers who wish to create secure open-source decentralized solutions.

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