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What should you expect from your Nearshore Software Developer?

Nearshore outsourcing offers significant advantages compared to offshore outsourcing. The difference between these two comes down to how far you’re traveling from your home country to another. So working with Indian developers qualifies as offshore outsourcing, while working with a developer in Costa Rica counts as nearshore outsourcing.

Currently, the market for nearshore outsourcing is valued at $375 billion worldwide. Nearshore companies are easier to work with considering the smaller time differences, the programmers are thoroughly skilled and it’s easier to interact with them because there are fewer language barriers. The biggest advantage for these companies, however, comes down to the cost efficiency that they provide. Working with a programmer in Costa Rica would probably cost you about 60% of what it would cost in the United States.

Nearshore companies offer these advantages without compromising the quality and variety of services that you get. Some services you can expect from your nearshore company include:

Software Development

In recent years, we’ve seen that technology hubs are sprouting all over the world. Each of these places is filled with hordes of computer programmers who are thoroughly skilled in software development. Programmers in Costa Rica, for example, are specialist in cross-platform programming to create solutions across multiple operating systems.

They do this within really short time spans and will also conduct thorough quality assurance for their clients.

IT Staff Augmentation

The labor market in the United States is in a pretty bad crunch. The tech market is especially turbulent where competitive wages are putting a fair bit of burden on all employers. In such a situation, nearshore development firms offer their teams to work on contracts for your companies.

Many of these programmers won’t even have to be accommodated at your premises (unless you want) and entire teams will remotely coordinate with you to complete your projects.

Mobile App Development

Applications development is always going to be in vogue for businesses. Well-designed apps improve customer satisfaction, make your business accessible and ultimately this makes for satisfying customer experience.

Most nearshore IT development companies specialize in software development, a capability that is easily extended into mobile app development.

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Quality Assurance Testing

Quality Assurance testing is an integral part of improving service delivery standards. This can only be conducted by systems and app development experts who can conduct thorough tests to ensure the integrity of your entire systems.

Most nearshore companies have teams of these experts who can identify shortcomings in your IT infrastructure and then develop strategies to overcome these shortcomings. With this, your apps and software can consistently improve for as long as these teams work with you.

EX2 Outcoding is a Nearshore outsourcing company. Based in San Jose, Costa Rica, we offer our clients a wide range of services including software development, web development and quality assurance testing. Get in touch with us today for more information of our services or hire us for your development needs.

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