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software testing fundamentals

QA: Software Testing Fundamentals

Look around from where you’re sitting right at this moment. Chances are you’re surrounded with a plethora of different software.

There’s probably a woman on a call, a teenager reading on their tablet, a group of friends listening to songs on an Amazon Alexa, and a couple of men wearing smartwatches, sitting right in front of you!

You might not give this a thought on a regular basis, but this is the reality of how big of a part software has become in our lives. We use it on a minute-to-minute basis; it does, however, depend upon how efficiently software works.

When creating software, developers do all they can to make sure users have the best experience when engaging with their product. And a major part of that process is software quality assurance!

What’s Software Quality Assurance?

Glitches, bugs, frozen screens, malware, slow speed, and missing files are problems we’re all familiar with. These unfortunate instances occur when developers fail to test software for its quality. If this happens with the software of any of your products, be it a mobile app or a web app, it can mean major consequences for your business.

To keep that from happening, you need to integrate QA in the development and testing process for your product’s software.

Quality Assurance (QA) is essentially an umbrella term that refers to several different tools and processes used to test software for errors, bugs and anything else that can have a negative impact of the user experience (UX). The main goal of conducting a QA for software is to enhance its quality and to ensure that it runs flawlessly.

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Benefits of Quality Assurance

Here are some reasons why you should consider including quality assurance in the software development and testing process.

It Saves Money

A faulty project not only causes a loss of thousands, if not millions of dollars to a business, but it also costs a company its clients and users. Not to mention that if a bug goes undetected in software, fixing it later can take a big hit on your organization’s budget. You can prevent all of that from happening, just by incorporating QA in the development phase of your software.

Prevents Corporate Mishaps

An error in software can cause data loss, system blackouts and communication loss among other problems. These types of incidents can cost an organization its image and reputation. By making sure your software runs flawlessly before releasing it to audiences, you can save yourself a lot of potential trouble.

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