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Why Software Testing Needs to be Started Early in any Development Project

The usefulness and importance of software testing appear to have been largely misunderstood by many software developers and development firms who follow the conventional waterfall framework of software development life cycle or SDLC.

This approach, constituting a rushed phase of parsing the code for errors and bugs at the end of the project poses a huge risk for some bugs going undetected. To add to the dismay of clients, the faulty pieces of code—if found—will need to be wiped clean and compensated for, leading to unexpected delays, additional costs, and unplanned modifications.

One effective way to counter these issues is to bring the testers on board early; with the testing phase operating almost simultaneously with the development phase.

Here are three solid reasons why this approach is the best way to mitigate unexpected risks.

Undetected Errors in Early Stages Adds to Overall Cost

One of the most important things to keep in mind while developing a software project is that the more time a bug takes to be detected, the higher it will cost to fix it.

According to a report on the economic impact of inadequate infrastructure for software testing, the process for finding and fixing bugs in the software project can cost more than half of the entire budget allotted to a project and that early detection of these bugs can reduce the resulting costs.

This  prevents any significant budget changes at the end of the project.

software testing services

Prevent Delays and Unknown Risks

Bugs that aren’t detected in time proliferate and become harder and more time-consuming to fix as time passes. This can cause major delays and pose unknown risks requiring the team to make hectic efforts to effectively manage everything.

One of the most effective ways to avoid reaching this point is to make sure that your team tackles any arising bugs at the earliest. This will not only ensure that the project is on schedule but will also make sure that it is within the budget and has high-quality.

Helps You Obtain Accurate First-Level Feedback

As a general practice, developers need to wait for the UAT phase (User Acceptance Testing) where a beta version of the product is used and evaluated by end-users and receive feedback.

This is dangerous because it runs the risk of not being received well; requiring extensive changes to be made in case it doesn’t meet their requirements. A better option would be to collaborate with the testing team early in the project to ensure that the requirements match what is being built from the beginning.

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