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Staff Augmentation: The Lesser Known Competitive Advantage

Today, businesses work at the intersection of creativity and cutting edge technology, which creates a completely new order for them, one that demands extreme competitiveness.

Companies, both big and small, must be creative in their approach to doing business and must have a firm grip on technology to survive and thrive in this modern economy.

Of course, these traits aren’t developed on their own, and they need to be acquired. That’s where human resources come in.

Team Augmentation

Organizations must employ workforce that have the knowledge, experience and skills to help them be creative and technology savvy.

While recruiting is the mainstream route to finding such talent, it isn’t always a practical or feasible option.

For instance, let’s suppose, you’re starting a short-term project that needs some new team members. Hiring employees in this scenario makes no business sense, for you could be left with redundant heads on your payroll after the project gets completed.

Likewise, suppose you have a mission-critical project with a deadline to fulfill. You’re lacking a few hands on deck, and you know you must get additional help if you want to deliver the project on time.

Once again, hiring new employees is not the answer here because the process takes time, which could put project completion at risk.

IT Staff Augmentation

So as you can see, recruiting is not always the right solution when it comes to staying competitive in the era of creativity and technology.

What do we propose then?

Enter staff augmentation…

Staff Augmentation Model

Staff augmentation is the practice of allocation of human resources, commonly located nearshore, to fill an immediate gap in talent for a long-term project or a project with a looming deadline.

Consider it a version of hiring contractors or freelancers.

But while hiring contractors involve the typical hiring cycle, where you must advertise, screen, interview and shortlist the candidates, in staff augmentation it’s the service provider which does all this work for you.

As the beneficiary of the service, you just need to brief the company about your human resource requirements and the skills you want them to have.

Resource Augmentation Services

In most cases, staff augmentation service providers will first tap into their resource pool to find the right talent for your project. Only if they are unable to find the right fit, they then go looking out in the market.

This significantly speeds up the hiring process. Furthermore, it ensures that you get the best minds to work on your project.

The staff must be managed and supervised by you.

Want to learn more about staff augmentation and how it can help your business? Talk to our staff augmentation experts today.

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Contact us for further information!

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