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How Staff Augmentation Helps Companies Find the Right IT Staff

How Staff Augmentation Helps Companies Find the Right IT Staff

Modern businesses (now more than ever) need access to high quality IT support and technical expertise. Although, it is not always available when they need it within their own workforce. Finding the right person for your requirements can be difficult if you don’t know exactly what your requirements are or what the candidates technical experience needs to be.

Another issue to consider is that the Information Technology industry is ever-evolving and highly competitive. This means that even if you do find the right candidate, there is no guarantee that you can keep them as part of your team.

However, there is a simple and stress free solution to this problem… Staff Augmentation.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation is the use of outside personnel on a temporary basis to augment the capacity of your organization. The technique consists of evaluating the existing staff and then determining which additional skills are required.

How Staff Augmentation Helps

Recruitment can be an expensive and time-consuming process and finding the perfect candidate can be difficult. Here is more information about how staff augmentation can help you find the right IT staff.

Faster Recruitment Process

Recruiting technical staff with the right skills to fill the skills gap at your company can be a time-consuming process. The hiring process leaves the gap empty and thus the technical projects the new skills are needed for go uncompleted. The talent pool in your area might even be particularly small, adding an extra challenge during the candidate identification part of the process.

Staff augmentation eliminates most of the time-consuming elements of hiring, with outsourcing firms already equipped with the key skills you need. Onboarding is minimal as the new staff only need to know enough about the project and the company to perform the specific tasks they are hired for, though deeper integration is possible and often necessary.

No Training or Retaining Needed

Sourcing candidates as well as vetting and interviewing them not only takes up valuable time but can be expensive. This is compounded by the possibility that you will need to continue paying the new employee beyond the completion of the project you require their skills for. Another project will likely arrive soon enough, but permanently hiring someone for these occasional tasks is far more expensive than outsourcing whenever you need to.

Staff augmentation allows you to add the right skills to your workforce as and when required. There is no need to train the augmented staff member, nor the necessity to retain them once their initial purpose has been fulfilled.

Simple but Dedicated Integration

You can onboard team members added via staff augmentation to make them an extension of your team instead of alien outsiders. The outsourced organization doesn’t need to operate completely independently and should enjoy embedding themselves into the existing work culture at your business. Their personalities, skills and resources can be integrated easily into your existing infrastructure as this is one of the key abilities for outsourced staff.

This allows managers and department heads to have clear visibility into projects and their progress, with them able to offer any necessary advice while remaining agile to evolving priorities.

Personalities Matched with Your Company Culture

There will always be an element of concern for a company adding outside staff to their teams. You are trusting people other than your employees with company systems and sensitive data. However, staff augmentation will involve you communicating your needs and company culture so that the outsourcing partner can match you up with not only the right skills, but the right personality to blend seamlessly into your workforce.

If you are interested in finding out more about how staff augmentation helps companies find the right IT staff or would like to discuss your requirements, please contact our team. We can be reached on +1 800 974 7219 ext. 202 or by completing the form here.

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