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Maximizing The Staff Augmentation Advantages Of Outsourcing

Contrary to how hardware production teams operate using a linear paradigm, a software development project has a higher likelihood of involving more concurrent activities. It is then an accepted norm for tech companies to constantly be on the lookout for skill and talent that is not available in-house. Outsourcing your project or a part of it then leads to staff augmentation as an option worth looking into.

There could be a number of reasons why a development firm may need to outsource their projects. The in-house team could be caught up with other projects and their deadlines or perhaps increasing additional requests from clients have led to you needing to expand on your talent and skill.

Outsourcing provides a solution to all these problems. It also takes care of needing any new computing tools, languages and skills in case the learning curve gets too steep for your in-house team.

How To Maximize On Augmentation Advantages

According to a report, it takes on an average of 51 days for American and Canadian companies to replace a tech professional. This could result in serious delays in the project and could even cost you the client.

However, staff augmentation poses the perfect solution to the problem by letting you expand your team in a different region and broadening your pool for finding the right people.

Here’s how to maximize on technical staff augmentation advantages of outsourcing:

Identify What Type Of Outsourcing Your Project Could Best Benefit From

There are many types of software outsourcing models including project-based model, dedicated team model, and the technical staff augmentation model. The first step is to determine what model will work for your project.

Look For The Right Talent And Skill Needed—In The Right Region

Once you’ve identified the type of outsourcing your project needs, make sure that your outsourcing partner has the right skills, expertise and talent that it needs. A great factor that affects this is the region you’re looking in. One of the best places to look for staffing services is Costa Rica.

Use The Right Strategy

Once you’re satisfied with the level of skill and talent you’re receiving, it’s time to think about the strategy you need to be using. You can work effectively with your outsourcing partner to make sure that things flow smoothly for all parties involved.

If you’re looking for a nearshore outsourcing company, a reliable option to fall back on is EX2 Outcoding.

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Contact us for further information!

Contact us for further information!

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