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Debunking Staff Augmentation Myths

Bad experience with the wrong staff augmentation company has led to a number of myths and rumors regarding the service. Want an expert for that specialized job? Don’t buy into these myths and choose the right service provider!

“Our Work Can Be Done On-Site”

Suppose you set apart a considerable budget for developing a new app or product, but this cuts out some of your other projects on hold due to a shortage of staff. Since your employees are focusing their time and energy in this new product that’s slightly out of your usual scope of expertise, it’s going to take them some time to make it work smoothly. This can affect your productivity in other departments.

Through staff augmentation, you can prevent this loss of productivity by hiring experts to deal with the new project.  This is especially necessary if you’re thinking of upgrading your current technology and working on something outside your employees’ usual skill set. Whether you need long-term specialized workers or short-term assistance, staff augmentation is the way to go!

“It Will Only Be a One-Time Thing”

Staff augmentation doesn’t necessarily have to be related to just one task. Typically, services that offer staff augmentation also provide additional support services meant to benefit the company. For instance, they may provide short-term training to employees which can then have long-term positive effects. This can make their services even more valuable, and they can help you in more than just one way.

“Only Fill Low-Level Positions Can Be Filled”

One of the biggest myths surrounding staff augmentation is that they’re only good for filling up positions at the lower level. Agencies that specialize in providing employees are adept at finding the right group of skilled workers for every industry and every position, be it for manual labor, administration positions, or high-skilled jobs.

Irrespective of how complex the required designation may be, staff augmentation can help find the right fit. The employees hired through this form of outsourcing will have expertise and experience in the field, providing invaluable contribution to whatever designation they are selected for.

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EX² Outcoding is a software development company based in San Jose that provides digital solutions and staff augmentation services to clients all across U.S.A, Canada, and Europe. With over 18 years of experience, we have the ability to train our employees in all technologies, and we comply with all international laws regarding employee regulation and status.

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