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3 Ways an Effective Staff Augmentation Strategy Can Make All the Difference

Need to hire fresh recruits for your business? Have an employee depart from your company later this year, leaving behind a hard-to-fill senior-level vacancy? Here’s how augmentation can help!

Reduces the Recruitment Expenditure

A study published by the Center for American Progress assessed the amount spent by companies to replace employees each year, which can range between 16–20% of an annual salary depending on the position. The process of posting advertisements, planning recruitment trips, and investing in sponsorships can raise the costs considerably before hiring is even done.

When using augmentation, there is no additional recruiting expense required. Because the workers selected for a task are chosen precisely because of their specific skill set, they don’t typically need additional training or time to settle in, since they’re already familiar with the nature of the work. This cuts down on costs and workers only need to be paid for the actual time they work.

Keeps the hiring process short

The hiring process is one of the most important priorities of a company in order to select the best recruits. However, it usually takes up to a month to find the perfect candidate with all the tests, interviews, background screenings, and negotiations involved. Further training may be required to have the newly hired employees working efficiently, which can take a few weeks. For companies that need to fill vacancies at the earliest, due to sudden leaves, resignations or firings, this can be a huge problem.

Augmentation staffing ensures that there are employees to take over positions within a few days. Their experience and existing training make them just right for the job and can professionally navigate their way through the job description. As opposed to finding suitable replacements and recruits in under a month, companies can cut down the process by weeks and have workers available much earlier, which is especially useful in times of crisis.

Prevents Turnover Troubles

With the current economy, each year employers find it more difficult to retain highly skilled employees. This is especially true in the technology industry, which has the highest employee turnover rate that continues to rise each year.  “IT attrition” is a huge problem for industries, and retaining employees who possess the specialized skills required in the competitive job market has almost become an impossible task.

Augmentation prevents the employer from the troubles of employee turnover. Even if a worker happens to leave midway through your contract, the outsourcing vendor can easily provide a replacement that matches the necessary skill set, within a short period of time. This ensures that the company’s productivity is not affected by sudden resignations or emergencies, and that they can continue with business as usual, saving both time and money.

Solve Your Staff Shortage Problem!

EX² Outcoding is a software development house based in San Jose that provides digital solutions and staff augmentation services to various businesses. With over 18 years of experience, we have clients all across the U.S, Canada, and Europe, and we comply with all international laws regarding employee regulation and status.

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