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The Importance of Team Building in Software Outsourcing

As distributed teams and software outsourcing becomes more common in the workplace, managers will have to get creative in building collaborative and tight-knit teams. Despite the benefits of software outsourcing—for example higher productivity, access to a large talent pool and cost savings—the fact is, it’s hard to build working relationships from afar.

Statistics show that one of the main reasons why a lot of projects fail is the lack of confidence in the project’s success. Nearly 75% respondents admitted that their projects were “doomed from the very start.”

Why do you think that is? And how can it be changed? In order to function efficiently, the team shouldn’t just know all aspects of their responsibilities, but they should also believe in the expertise of their team members. One way to achieve that is through team building activities.

Let’s look at reasons why team building plays a notable role in software outsourcing:

It improves efficiency

Working together towards a common goal helps drive quicker time to market and prevent development and coding mistakes. The key to this is collaboration and communication. When developers clearly communicate their requirement, and the overall demands of the project and work processes, team members can be more productive in their tasks—similar to a well-oiled machine that hums along when all the pieces fit together as they should.

It helps drive creativity

When team members are comfortable expressing themselves among fellow developers, they are more confident in their introduction of new concepts and processes. Team building enables and encourages creativity among the team, which not only improves the final product, but also results in innovations and advancements that may not have been part of the plan from the beginning. After all, the development of state-of-the-art software products requires generation of useful and novel ideas.

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It improves skills

Team members improve on their current skill set by learning from one another, eventually improving overall team performance. An organization that encourages an environment of learning and knowledge sharing, especially in the tech industry, has the ability to reach new heights.

It drives ownership

When team members overcome obstacles, they experience a collective feeling of achieving a common goal. Taking full accountability and owning your work are important aspects in team building. A productive and efficient team will self-manage, prioritize tasks and hold other members accountable, thereby instilling the importance of ownership.

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