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Technical Staff Augmentation

Costa Rica is an ideal location for your technical staff augmentation house, with some of the most technologically advanced infrastructure and engineers with experience in most cutting-edge technologies. In order to ensure a seamless incorporation of the client’s process and our team, we focus on adapting and adjusting to all new requirements.
We are proud to boast a secure network as well as advanced servers and many workstations. We have a wide range of platforms for development which are configured depending on the needs of the client. We also utilize an excellent internet connection, which enables us to function for 24 hours, with seamless connectivity and high bandwidth.


We Work When You Work.

The key to ensuring growth in any business is closely linked with change. We at EX Squared are here for the management of any Technical and IT Staff Augmentation Services that you might require. We do not need to increase the organizational overhead to get the task done. When you take the decision to partner with EX Squared, you have the benefit of building and managing your own group of tech experts, who are working from Costa Rica, using state of the art equipment and advanced facilities.

This new external team is just as committed as your internal team and is, in fact, an extension of your own staff. This team works exclusively for you, and ascertains adherence to your processes and all the procedures involved. These factors make us at EX Squared able to operate sensibly and brings for the clients the benefit of a cost-effective and exceptional Technical Staff Augmentation model.

Trusted partner for startups and Fortune 500 companies.

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Choosing a reliable software outsourcing
can take months.


You could be in for an uphill battle:

Going through dozens of websites and proposals

Poor communication due to language barriers

Waiting months to onboard and train new talent

In the meantime, your roadmap is delayed
and stakeholders are frustrated.


Nearshoring with us is
easier and faster.

Onboard our top 1% developers in as little
as 2 weeks

Accelerate growth with timezone-aligned,
nearshore talent

Enjoy fast, clear communication from
our bilingual team


With over 700,000+ employees globally and 3,500 different beverages in its arsenal, Coca Cola is a brand behemoth. EX Squared was selected over countless other mobile app development agencies to develop a solution to improve deployment, adoption, and communication around a key employee program.

How We Approach Our
Technical Staff Augmentation Projects

It begins with our leadership meeting up and discussing the details with our clients which helps us define the full scope of their project and requirements. We understand that all clients and all projects have varying needs and that each undertaking is unique. Following this we set the recruitment process and the hiring in motion, facilitating and helping our clients. We enjoy the perks of an excellent and advanced talent matching procedure, which helps us find and match what is most suitable for the client’s needs. We choose from some of the best talent pools in Costa Rica.



elevate your
team's potential


Austin, Texas
San Jose, Costa Rica
Lima, Peru
New Delhi, India


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