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The Future of Software Development

The Future of Software Development

You could probably write a fresh ‘future of software development’ article every few months, but there are some significant DevOps trends happening right now that are already influencing the industry’s trajectory.

Let’s peek at the future of software development as it looks right now.

AI Integration and Automation

The future of software development is going to be heavily influenced by the implementation of artificial intelligence and automation. It is already happening as tasks such as testing software and writing certain amounts of code are being automated. AI integration is going to improve strategic decision-making, development times and accuracy, with the role of developers evolving to better collaborate with the new technology.

With so many repetitive DevOps tasks being automated, developers are also going to have more time to focus on the more creative aspect of their work. This will lead to more and more innovations as AI and machine learning take on the brunt of the tedious leg work.

Cross-Platform Software Development

Cross-platform development will be a big focus in the future as DevOps teams move away from developing software that only works for either iOS or Android. The market is much bigger than a single brand or entity so we will be seeing much more support for cross-platform development that relies on a single code base. This will save developers a lot of time and reduce the previous costs necessary to produce software for multiple platforms.


Cybersecurity is another ever-evolving aspect of software development, with the recent increase of cashless payment options one of the major areas where new and innovative software technologies will be necessary. Traditional cybersecurity measures such as firewalls and anti-virus software will no longer be enough, and developers are going to have to innovate new measures that can provide the protection modern businesses and consumers need.

Software Development With Faster Timeframes

Software development timeframes have been consistent for some time, but AI and machine learning are already starting to significantly speed them up. From creating prototypes and testing software to the lead time for changes and error management, the future of DevOps is going to be faster than it’s ever been. This is only going to increase as more and more automation is integrated into software development projects, but there is another benefit to this too.

With the faster timeframes primarily due to automation, developers are going to have more time to innovate. This could result in huge technological leaps and bounds being made across the software spectrum.

Remote Working

Many industries have been forced to embrace remote working during the pandemic. A lot of workers are also keen to maintain the freedom and ability to operate from anywhere even after restrictions have been lifted. This is especially true for software developers, whose completed work can be measured more accurately due to the constant timeframes and deadlines inherent in the development process.

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