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Things to Consider When Outsourcing Digital Marketing

Things to Consider When Outsourcing Digital Marketing

Hiring an outsourcing team for digital marketing can be an excellent way to gain access to talent and resources otherwise not available to your company. It is especially useful for start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses with smaller staff numbers and thus limited skill sets.

You’ll want to know a bit more about the things you should consider when assessing and hiring an outsourcing company, so here are the things to consider when outsourcing digital marketing before you sign on the dotted line.

Are Their Services and Fees Clearly Outlined?

While exact fees should become clear once the services required are agreed upon, the services themselves that an outsourcing company provides should be clearly explained from the beginning. If what they can actually do for your business is not apparent, then this could be a red flag.

The most reputable outsourcing firms should be able to present a detailed list of services they can provide so you know exactly what they can do for you before you even contact them.

Pricing information might not always be so obvious as it can depend on exactly what is required by the hiring firm, but there should be at least some outline and indication of what the services cost.

Do They Have a Portfolio with Client Testimonials?

A reputable digital marketing company should have plenty of testimonials from previous clients which demonstrate their capabilities to provide the services they offer. A company’s ability to perform the tasks you require should be evident through the presence of client testimonials and case studies in their online portfolios.

By examining the digital marketing portfolio, you can see what they have achieved for other companies and make a better judgment as to whether they can achieve similar solutions for your business.

How Do they Communicate Progress and Results?

Communication is crucial when using an outsourcing firm, so you should always discover how the firm intends to communicate with their clients.

Part of this will be the initial getting to know each other, plus the knowledge sharing process for the project. It will also involve establishing a schedule of progress reports, plus exactly what information will be included in such reports.

Find out if there will be a dedicated account manager with who you will communicate and how often you can expect to hear from them. Also, establish whether or not team members from the outsourcing firm and your own in-house staff will need to communicate with each other at various points throughout the project.

A good digital marketing outsourcing company should be prepared to reassure their potential clients about their communication channels and how often they will be providing progress reports.

Are Their Contracts Negotiable?

Every contract should be carefully reviewed before being signed, but it is also worth knowing if there is flexibility before getting too involved. Find out how able they are to negotiate any amendments you want to make to the contract.

Make sure the contract details the exact services you require and that the fees due are as agreed. Such details should include the frequency of progress reports, as well as any terms that allow for modification of the contract or outright cancellation.

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