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Top Agile Methodologies Used by Outsourcing Companies

One of the biggest challenges that tech firms executives face is hiring the right talent for the job. To counter act this obstacle, many companies turn to experienced nearshore software development service providers. This is a perfect solution for companies looking to be more flexible and accomplish more tasks in a shorter period.

Outsourcing companies commonly apply different agile methodologies to allow for better resource management and workflow. Agile methodologies are a significantly more dynamic method of software development compared to traditional methods.

Here are the top agile methodologies used by outsourcing companies.


Scrum is comfortably the most widely applied agile methodology used by outsourcing companies. This is mainly because the Scrum framework is client-inclusive so that any changes that need to be made are addressed straight away.

The framework allows you to build teams and assign roles that enable developers to work under a structure. The entire Scrum framework revolves around optimizing predictability, making it perfect for teams working on complex projects. Although the Scrum framework is adaptable, the only drawback is that it’s difficult to master.

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Extreme Programming (XP)

The extreme programming methodology focuses on values such as teamwork and communication and prioritizes customer satisfaction to deliver optimum results. The primary goal behind XP methodology is to simplify the process of software development by working together as a team to increase productivity.

Any bugs that need to be fixed or changes that need to be made are addressed immediately so that desirable software quality can be achieved. An apparent drawback of this methodology is due to the intense focus on coding, developers may spend less time on layout and design.


One of the primary reasons for implementing an agile methodology is to ensure continuous delivery. The Kanban methodology focuses on continuous delivery by making sure that teams are assigned just enough work that they can complete in a day. In this methodology, a board is used to show each flow of software production. This allows teams to combat the negative effects of multitasking as they focus only on the task at hand.

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Lean development

The Lean Development methodology places a distinct focus on eliminating unnecessary practices such as writing wrong codes. It aims to cut down on the inefficient usage of time and resources, striving to increase functional efficiency.

When implementing this methodology, it’s important to remember that its success is heavily dependent on the skill-level and discipline of your team. Inexperienced developers often find it difficult to achieve the level of focus and control required to consistently deliver results under this methodology.

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