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The Power of Typography in Web Design

The success of a website depends on more than just its layout. More often than not, details such as fonts and graphics are what separate professional web design from amateurs. Typography in particular, has the ability to visually transform websites, which allows businesses to strengthen their online presence and use it as a strong marketing channel through which they can build brand awareness.

Here are some reasons why you should pay more attention to your business website’s typography.

Effects Readability and Legibility

Readability refers to the manner in which letters and words are arranged on a page, while legibility is linked to the design of a typeface’s characters. These metrics enable web designers to distinguish between various fonts. In web design, it’s important to choose a font that offers high readability and legibility on digital screens, so that visitors can consume your website content without any difficulties.

Evokes Emotions

According to research, each typeface has its own persona and can evoke different emotions in readers. 102 university students participated in a study that explored the latent effective and persuasive meaning associated with text written in different fonts. The participants read satirical texts written in Times New Roman and Arial. The results of the study suggested that readings in Times New Roman were perceived to be funnier than those in Arial. Choosing the right typeface can add an emotional quality to your web content.

Reflects Brand Image

Fonts used on your website reflect the image of your brand. By selecting a font that is in line with the tone of your organization, you can add a personal touch to the content of your website. For example, if your company provides construction equipment, you can choose a crisp font such as Roboto or Proxima Nova to reflect the identity of your brand.

Influences Consumer Behavior

Fonts have the power to influence the decisions of consumers. Studies suggest that certain customers distinguish between high-end and low-end brands based on the typeface they use in their logo. The visitors of your website are more likely to purchase products with descriptions written in attractive and trustable fonts.

Business websites can use typography as a powerful tool to project the message of their organization in a positive light.

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