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Using Staff Augmentation for UX Design and Software Testing

UX design is the process of creating a user interface that offers valuable experiences to users. As user experience remains a top priority of users, designing an appealing, high-quality UX design will remain critical to achieving success in 2020.

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Statistics show that every $1 invested in UX results in a return of $100. Hence, you certainly want to leave no stone unturned. The best way to ensure a great UX design is by outsourcing the function to a reputable nearshore service provider.

Even if you already have a team of designers in place, hiring services of an external provider can add more value to the UX interface of your application or software. Here are three key reasons why you should outsource your UX design:

Modern and sophisticated UX design

UX design has evolved. Powerful frameworks like Angular and React have provided greater flexibility to developers and designers to play around and create astonishing UX designs.

That being said, it’s important to have a team of professionals that’s up-to-date with latest UX trends and industry practices to harness the power of these frameworks.

Outsourcing enables businesses to access specialized services to create dynamic and latest UX design with advanced features like vibrant animations, voice interfaces, and more.

Companies that already have a team of developers can use IT staff augmentation services to ensure their UX design meets industry standards and looks modern and sophisticated.

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A fresh perspective

Outsourcing UX design allows businesses to receive an impartial evaluation of their UX design, which can lead to better design and functionality.

A fresh pair of eyes can help identify gaps and weaknesses as well as offer suggestions that can improve overall UX design.

An experienced UX designer will carefully appraise an existing design and provide new ideas that will result in a greater and improved UX interface.

Cost-effectiveness and expertise

Companies experience difficulties to find experienced and skillful UX developers as it’s a wide-ranging field that requires a certain level of expertise.

Moreover, employing a full-time UX designer with a high level of technical knowledge can add burden to payroll, especially for SMEs.

Outsourcing UX design can save organizations a great deal of time and financial resources, enabling them to focus on their core competences.

Hiring services of a nearshore service provider, who employ UX designers with great technical expertise, coding proficiency, and software-related skills, simply makes more sense!

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Role of Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Fixing bugs is only important when the value of having the bug fixed exceeds the cost of fixing it. – Joel Spolsky

The quote stated by Joel Spolsky nearly two decades ago still stands true. According to Rogue Wave Software, 50% of a developer’s time is spent debugging and fixing problems.

This can significantly affect the productivity of web developers. Moreover, it also has a very strong correlation with UX design.

With every change in UX design and software concept, the code needs to be changed, which leads to debugging problems.

Introducing software testing and quality assurance services at a very early stage of the planning process can eliminate this problem.

Outsourcing quality assurance in software testing using IT staff augmentation services can boost productivity and ensure that the final code is free from errors.

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