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Ways to Improve Communication with your Nearshore Partner

Ways to Improve Communication with your Nearshore Partner

Communication with your outsourcing partner is crucial as misunderstandings can easily derail the projects you are working on together. This is much less of a problem when you outsource to a nearshore company that will have similar time zones and speak the same language, but it is still worth paying extra attention to.

Here are some ways to improve communication with your nearshore partner.

Establish a Good Working Relationship Early On

Here at EX² Outcoding, we like to establish a good working relationship with our partners before we even begin the project. This means meeting in person wherever possible and really getting to know each other. We believe it is important that you understand us, our business and our work ethic. We also need to understand you, your business philosophy and your team. We need to know your goals so that they become our goals and we can all move toward them as one.

By properly introducing ourselves to each other before beginning the project, we eliminate the possibility of miscommunication during the early stages as we would have to slowly get to know each other as we work.

We also know that not all outsourcing companies place this kind of importance on the early establishment of a good working relationship which creates numerous outsourcing communication problems.

We made it a priority at EX² Outcoding and it has been one of the main drivers of our success. The 30% yearly revenue growth, we have been enjoying is down to several factors, including the excellence of our highly skilled developers, but establishing a strong understanding of our partners and their goals is absolutely one of our greatest strengths.

Identify Ideal Communication Times

As a nearshore outsourcing company, our time zone will overlap with those in the United States, making communication much easier. Offshore firms operating from Asia will require you to make some uncomfortable adjustments to your working hours in order to communicate, or communication will simply wane to a bare minimum.

Such poor communication is what leads to errors and misjudgments that could have been easily avoided with a clear communication channel.

But even though the overlapping time zones make it easy to get in touch with each other for updates or clarification on an issue, it is also a good idea to identify a time in the day or the week where a quick heads-together can keep a project humming along smoothly. Sometimes there will be issues that need urgent attention, which the overlapping time zones make possible, but regular contact also keeps us all on the same page so you can be confident that we are all working together in the best way possible.

Introduce Partner Teammates

While we like to get to know you and your business as stated above, it is also imperative that team members from both companies who are involved in the same project can communicate with each other too.

It is not just the bosses who need to understand each other, but also your team members and our developers whose work directly affects each other. By establishing these good working relationships with everyone working on the project, we will all be working together as a truly integrated team.

If you are interested in partnering with a reliable and professional nearshore company or you would like to know more ways to improve communication with your nearshore partner, please contact our team on +1 800 974 7219 ext. 202 or by completing the form here.

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