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Why Mobile App Development is Necessary for Businesses Today

Mobile applications have evolved from simply being a communication tool to a major competitive advantage. According to eMarketer, the average U.S adult spends around 3 hours and 35 minutes on a smartphone, an increase of 11 minutes compared to last year.

2019 is set to be the year in which the time spent on mobiles is expected to surpass television, in terms of attracting the highest number of minutes from users in the U.S. Businesses wanting to capture the target market’s attention must consider engaging in mobile app development or risk being left behind.

In this article, we discuss why mobile app development is an absolute necessity for businesses today.

Increased Sales

Mobile apps allow businesses to develop and offer different kinds of loyalty programs based on consumer engagement. These programs offer rewards and incentives with each successive level and push customers to visit again and spend more time on the app.

Another similar area is known as Gamification that provides rewards to winning customers in the form of discount coupons. Rewards are also handed out for sharing pictures or milestones achieved in the game, opening the door to free marketing.

Improved Efficiency

Improved efficiency can be achieved via functionalities such as integrated shopping carts that allow companies to conduct business via the app.

For example, an online eatery shop will have an e-commerce system built within the app, resulting in increased sales. Through such apps, businesses have the chance to improve user engagement and increase overall productivity and efficiency.

Establish a Loyal Customer Base

Establishing a loyal customer base is the number one priority for any entrepreneur or business seeking a steady and reliable flow of income. Loyal customers represent the backbone of any business and are crucial for its growth.

Mobile apps are an excellent way of engaging and retaining such customers. It provides them with a platform to engage with the business and offer valuable feedback. Furthermore, it is easier to convince existing customers to refer your business to newer clients.

Mobile apps development is available to businesses of all sizes and enables small to medium-sized enterprises to compete with industry leaders.

Build a Better Brand

A mobile app makes it possible to interact regularly with customers. Similar to how fridge magnets, customized cups, calendars, and other memorabilia reinforces brand image, so does the app, every time the user unlocks or swipes through his or her phone.

The constant reinforcement will ensure that whenever a user thinks of a similar product or service, your brand will immediately come to mind.

In short, mobile app development makes it possible to enhance user experience, improve brand image, and benefit from increased sales and profits.

Web and Mobile App Development

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