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How Animations Can Take Your Website to the Next Level

Skillfully using animation on your website can grant you access to increased levels of traffic as well as enable you to leave a unique imprint on the mind of your visitors in a way your competition can’t. Animations open the door to numerous opportunities and are even considered by some to be part of a website’s SEO efforts. In addition to lowering the bounce rates, a well-developed website with creative use of animations ensures consistent sales and re-visits.

In this blog, we take a look at how animations can take your website to the next level.

Increase User Retention

As the attention span of online users continues to decrease, incorporating animations on the front page helps to catch their attention and persuade them to stay a bit longer. According to a study, you have less than a second to create a positive impression and using simple text is highly unlikely to create the same impact.

It doesn’t help your cause when the average user is exposed to hundreds of brands each day. To grab the users’ attention amidst all the clutter is difficult but with the help of creative and colorful animations, you provide the visitors with an incentive to stay and browse through your offerings.

Hide Slower Loading Times

With 47% of online visitors expecting a page to load is less than 2 seconds, it’s no wonder slower websites rarely make it to the front page of most search engines. In fact, slower loading times negatively affect a website’s ranking on Google’s search engines that seek to promote faster websites which deliver positive user experiences.

So what is the solution if you’re unable to reduce loading times? Cleverly conceal it with an animation. It can turn a situation in which the user becomes irritated with long loading times to being entertained by colorful graphics. Whether or not they wish to purchase something, you’ll enhance user experience and increase the probability of a revisit.

Boost E-commerce Sales

Animated games are a great way to boost e-commerce sales for your business since online shoppers are seeking increasingly interactive experiences with brands. Animations in the form of games aren’t only an effective tool for keeping consumers hooked to your content, but can also be the differentiating factor between you and the competition.

Animated games can have objects similar to a company’s products. You could also add features that require customer information to unlock certain stages and items in the game. There are numerous ways you can leverage such a feature to increase retention as well as boost your e-commerce sales.

The use of animations to enhance user experience is still something very few businesses leverage despite its overwhelming advantages. Our website development services in Costa Rica have helped numerous businesses transform their websites into profitable platforms. Contact us today!

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