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Web Development Trends to Follow in 2020

The internet and website development trends don’t stand still for a minute, with trends, technologies and developments constantly evolving. Therefore, it’s important web developers and organizations keep up with the latest trends and innovations, so they stay on top of users’ demands, priorities and provide the best experience for their visitors.

Here are some of the top web development trends to follow in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has made significant inroads in web development in recent years, with 2020 on target to take AI web development to the next level. Asides the use of chatbots to resolve users’ queries efficiently on a site, the savviest of organizations and developers are starting to leverage the benefits of deploying AI in their interfaces.

Voice search optimization

Voice search is a trend that’s making its way into the search engines, driven by increasing consumer demand. To keep up with demand, voice search recognition should be added to a website and, with two of the biggest web browsers in the world, Google Chrome and Firefox, supporting the technology, users will be able to find a site using voice search and then search for what they want on a website using their voice.

Static site generators

Improved interactivity is hailed as a must have web development trend for 2020. Motion design can help improve interaction and making static web pages is an easy and less complex way to achieve improved interactivity on a site.

Blockchain technology

We are now entrenched in an era of cashless online transactions. Though 2020 could witness a more advanced digital payment solution through the rise of blockchain technology. There still might be a lot to achieve in the development of blockchain tech, but it is estimated that there could be a huge push to implement blockchain into web development. Watch this space!

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