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The Essentials of a Great Website

In today’s extremely digitalized world, not having a website for your business could mean it’s the end! The first thing anyone does when they need services is to go online and search for the company’s website. If your client can’t find you online, you might as well not exist at all!

But when creating a website for your business, there are a few essential steps to take care of. No one wants to visit a website that takes hours to load, has jarring colors and is so complicated you don’t know how to get to where you want to be.

Let us help you make a truly great website with these tips:

Fast Loading Speeds

Did you know that the average human being now has an attention span shorter than a goldfish? Your clients want information, and they want it now! If your website takes any longer than 3 seconds to be responsive, you’ve might as well walk your customers out the virtual door!

By this, we don’t mean that your website needs to be fully loaded in just 3 seconds! If there’s something—whether text or image—happening on the screen so the customer can interact, you’re good to go!


Never underestimate the power of using the right color palette on your website! Jarring, bold colors that hurt the eye may turn your customers away from staying on your website long enough to convert.

The visuals of your website will be the first thing to appeal to a client, even before the content, so make the first impression matter!

High-Quality Content

Your website may be gorgeous, visually striking and user-friendly, but if it is not complimented with high-quality content that is unique, attention-grabbing and grammatically correct, nobody is going to take you seriously! Powerful call-to-actions, active, regular and to-the-point content with a minimum of fluff is always a game changer.

Psst! This might even help your SEO rankings, if you do it right!

Typography and Alignment

The most basic element of design, font choice and design, spacing, color and where everything is placed could make all the difference between a conversion and a bounce. Comic Sans MS may have been your go-to option for all your projects in middle school…but is  the most hated font in the world today!


Imagine going to a website that is so cluttered with buttons to press, links to view and images to redirect to, that you have no idea how to get to the page you want to be at! Wouldn’t that be frustrating?

Take a hint from some of the most popular websites in the world, Google, Facebook, Twitter and the like and keep your homepage as sleek and uncluttered as possible.

Want a website made for your business, but don’t know anything about Web development? Let us help!

By providing expert software and web development services to people all over Costa Rica, we’ve specialized in near-shore outsourcing solutions. From mobile app development, outsourcing and staff augmentation to website development, whatever your needs, we’re here to help!

Leave us a message here or give us a call at 800-974-7219 for more information.

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Contact us for further information!

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