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What Can Microsoft Dynamics Do

What Can Microsoft Dynamics Do?

You might be asking yourself what can Microsoft Dynamics do? Well, the Business Central and CRM solutions of Microsoft’s Dynamic 365 are two separate cloud-based products that let businesses manage their financials, operations and services. Business Central is specifically designed for small to medium-sized companies, while the more robust CRM software consists of multiple apps that specialize in areas such as sales and marketing.

They do have some overlapping capabilities in some departments, but each has been designed to excel at the specific purposes for which they are intended. Figuring out which one is ideal for your business is a simple case of understanding what each one is capable of, so here we go through each and highlight their specific functions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Business Central mode of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a unique state of the art ERP System that connects people and processes with a complete cloud-based solution. It provides organizations with an integral view of their business activities including sales, logistics, project management, financials, manufacturing and customer service.

The Business Central features equip your company with a fast and efficient management system that integrates all financial operations including accounting, accounts both receivable and payable, fixed assets and bank conciliations, as well as monthly and annual closures. This next generation of ERP System helps you manage sales, offers, service contracts, billing processes and payment management. You can also use Business Central’s forecast function to anticipate demand for sales and better manage production and distribution.

This Microsoft Dynamics 365 package makes project management simple, allowing you to schedule resources, manage budgets and monitor the progress of every part of a project. Supply chain management will be more efficient with Business Central as you can oversee and control all aspects of the process directly from your phone, including inventory management and stock purchasing, shipping and distribution, plus all returns and cancellations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

With over 40,000 companies using Dynamics 365’s Customer Relationship Management software and over four million users, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular CRM software packages in the world. This is because it not only lets you manage and maintain the highest level of customer service, but it also tracks sales leads and compiles actionable data about marketing and the production pipeline. Another massive advantage of this CRM system is that its multiple applications integrate natively, negating the need for any third parties.

Dynamics 365 CRM lets you develop and deliver your company’s customer relationship management strategy and provide consistent and efficient customer service. Use the software to manage the support and retention phase of the client as well as simple case management. There is a package of dedicated marketing applications that supports coordination between the marketing and sales departments. You can also execute multichannel targeted campaigns as well as personalize each unique customer’s experience to take your customer service to a whole new level.

You will be able to manage the entire sales process with Dynamics 365, with the software simplifying the qualification and conversion rate of potential customers to increase your business opportunities. It is also excellent for any organization’s employment of field service agents, as they can log into the app to instantly view schedules and work orders. Your field agents will also benefit from GPS information to reach customer locations.

There is a project management element to this CRM as well, primarily through programming and contract administration as well as inventory and return.

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