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What is Green Technology

With more and more focus on preserving the environment and addressing climate change, green technology is being adopted at an ever-increasing rate by businesses, organizations and governments all around the world.

The term ‘green tech’ refers to technology in the likes of manufacturing and production industries as well as logistics and transportation, and many other elements in supply chains, that reduce, minimize or outright eliminate harm to the environment through their operations and activities. Clean energy production is a result of green technology, which includes alternatives to fossil fuels such as solar and wind power.

Investment in green tech is starting to boom, and while it is still in its relative infancy, the green tech industry is set to keep growing as awareness of our responsibility to the planet also grows.

The increasing importance of green technology can be witnessed in recent government actions, such as President Biden signing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law, which includes funding of $1.2 Trillion with significant allocations dedicated to green tech development.

The Purpose of Green Technology

Green tech covers a lot of different types of technology, but they all have the same aim: creating products and services that do not have a negative effect on the environment. Green tech is related to – but not to be confused with – clean tech, which refers to technology designed to improve operational performance while saving costs and reducing energy consumption and waste.

As well as reducing harm to the environment, green tech also seeks to protect and repair it, as well as conserve natural resources which have been mercilessly depleted.

Types of Green Tech

One of the best-known examples of green tech is the electric vehicle, and this tech is growing in popularity among consumers. Unfortunately, these vehicles must still be charged from power grids that rely on fossil fuels, but at least they are not polluting the air with exhaust fumes like traditional automobiles.

A lot of recycling systems can be classed as green tech as they reuse materials that would otherwise go to waste, thus reducing the amount of new raw material being used and consumed.

Perhaps the big game changing green tech will be alternative energy sources, with wind and solar power being some of the least expensive. Many individual homeowners are now able to install affordable solar power panels on their roofs to generate their own clean electricity. Other clean energy alternatives being worked on include geothermal and tidal energy, though these currently remain prohibitively expensive to implement on a large scale.

The Future of Green Tech

The green tech industry is starting to attract a lot of investment capital; thus, we can expect more and innovations that help to protect and repair the environment. It might not yet have had as much impact as environmental campaigners would prefer, but there is movement in the right direction. Let’s hope it’s enough and in time.

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