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Why Latin America for Custom Software Development

Outsourcing custom software development involves identifying a partner company to undertake certain tasks that your in-house team are not equipped for. It can be the best option for growing your business without investing in multiple permanent hires.

So, the question is where to go to find your perfect software development partner? If you are a business based in the United States, the best option will be found in Latin America. Let’s take a closer look at why Latin America is so beneficial to U.S. companies in need of custom software development.

Strong Educational Foundations

Latin American countries have a high number of students graduating in computer science and engineering. According to research published on Statista, Brazil alone had approximately 500,000 software developers involved in offshore development in 2021. Mexico had around 225,000 software developers, with Argentina having over 100,000. Add into the mix other Latin American countries like Costa Rica which has become a vibrant technological hub of software development activity, and you can see that the educational foundations are clearly in place.

This is in part because Latin American universities are heavily influenced by U.S. academic structures. While software development is an especially popular subject to learn at university, younger children in Latin American schools also learn English to a fluent level. This focus on learning English early on and later attending universities with a prevalence of IT development studies has resulted in many talented developers graduating with degrees in computer science and engineering.

This combination of talented developers with fluent English has made some Latin American countries the ideal location to outsource IT projects to.

Practically Identical Work Culture

One of the main issues with offshoring to countries on the other side of the world is the massive cultural differences that can be a hindrance to progress. The language barrier is just the first obstacle, though one that will come around again and again. Additional obstacles to overcome include the passivity of some workers in places like Asia, where the work culture does not exactly encourage employees to speak out against their superiors. This is not the case in Latin American countries, where workers have the confidence to speak up about any issues they notice.

A worker pushing back against an idea they believe is incorrect or inefficient, or raising a red flag on some aspect of a project they believe needs correction, is commonplace in Latin America, as it is in the United States too. This empowering attitude helps a team identify the right course of action every time. In contrast, a work environment where employee passivity and complete deference to a superior are the norms can result in multiple delays and errors. Custom software development is complex and needs every member of the team to contribute the full extent of their knowledge and skills, not just doing what they’re told without question.

It is also worth mentioning that Latin American countries often produce people with very positive outlooks and a can-do attitude. Teams are dedicated to their tasks and staff turnover is significantly lower than in offshore countries. This means you can rely on your Latin American nearshore team and trust that they will see your project through to completion.

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