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latin american the best nearshore outsourcing option

Why Latin American is The Best Nearshore Outsourcing Option

Once you have decided to take advantage of IT outsourcing services to help your business, the next decision to make is where to look for the perfect nearshore outsourcing partner.

Offshore companies are often cheaper but have a number of downsides which include vastly different time zones and cultural differences. Nearshoring might sound similar to offshore outsourcing, but actually, many of the downsides of offshoring are not a problem for nearshore companies who are the same as the United States in terms of culture, quality standards and time zones.

If your business is located in the United States, Latin America is the best nearshore outsourcing option. The technological development, talent and expertise, as well as increased investment in the industry, has seen outsourcing specialists in technological hubs like Costa Rica become the most reliable and successful nearshore partners.

Here we take a look at the main reasons why Latin America is the best nearshore outsourcing option.

Great Value IT Outsourcing Services

Partnering with an offshore firm in Asia can be a little cheaper than with a nearshore firm in Latina America, but there are extra costs to time and quality which make Latin America the better value option every time.

Latin American developers bring more expertise and are far more easily contacted for regular communication than firms in faraway countries that speak very different languages.

Excellent Communication

Being close to the United States makes a big difference when it comes to communication. The time difference is negligible when compared to countries in Asia which means every working day for a firm in the United States will overlap with their nearshore partner. The similarities in culture and much greater familiarity and fluency with the English language is also a massive advantage when it comes to ensuring everything is understood.

Better communication means less misunderstandings and less delays. These two problems can significantly increase the cost of your projects, especially when they are vital components of a larger project.

Building Strong Relationships

The closeness of countries such as Costa Rica and other technology hubs around Latin America make it easy and inexpensive to meet in person and build a really strong business relationship. You can visit your nearshore partner quickly and for less expense than visiting countries further away. This means you can do it more frequently if a particular project requires it.

The similarity in cultures will also help you build strong relationships with your nearshore team. It can also mean a much more interactive relationship because, like in the working culture of the United States, Latin Americans have no problem telling you if there are issues with instructions and ideas. If they can’t do something a certain way, they will say so and suggest a more effective alternative. Unfortunately, this attitude is not prevalent in Asian business culture, where it is considered disrespectful to contradict your client, even constructively, and sometimes even to ask simple yes or no questions.

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