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why websites are more important than ever

Why Websites Are More Important Than Ever!

Having a quality website representing your business online has never been more important than it is today. Here we look at exactly why your business should have a user-friendly online presence.


People have simply come to expect reputable businesses to have their own websites. This is true even for businesses operating solely out of physical shops. It might be tempting and seemingly cost-effective to only use social media platforms for an online presence, but everyone generally knows how little effort is required to set-up such accounts.

Having a formal online presence with a designated website demonstrates a higher level of professionalism and investment in your own brand. This gives a business a lot more credibility with customers.

Wider Reach

While social media is a good addition to your online presence, having your own website lets you target the largest possible audience. Consider the statistics compiled by Nielsen that revealed a maximum of 8% of online shoppers made a purchase after liking or commenting on a product or store on social media. In contrast, up to 63% made a product purchase after conducting an online search.

Increased Visibility

Most online experiences begin with a search via a search engine such as Google, with 68% of internet users beginning their daily online activity in this way, according to Brightedge Research. This means that most internet users are actively seeking answers to a question or a solution to a problem when they go online. Without a website with informative content, your business will not appear in the search results of potential customers seeking answers or solutions relevant to your business.

Websites in the Post COVID-19 World

While we listed the reasons above for why websites are so important to the success of a business, the current climate means that websites are now more important than ever.

With so many businesses forced to close their doors or are placed under several restrictions, having a website allows you to continue to do business with your customers.

Thanks to modern web development and platforms, it makes it easier for your business to pivot and make the switch to selling your products and services online.

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