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Custom Software Development

We rely on years of specialized industry experience and technological expertise to build content-rich websites and custom mobile applications unique to your business requirements.
Our team of designers, strategists and developers build innovative, engaging and easy-to-use applications for you while you focus on your core business competencies.


We Work When You Work.

The key to ensuring growth in any business is closely linked with change. We at EX Squared are here for the management of any Custom Software Development Services that you might require. We do not need to increase the organizational overhead to get the task done. When you take the decision to partner with EX Squared, you have the benefit of building and managing your own group of tech experts, who are working from Costa Rica, using state of the art equipment and advanced facilities.

This new external team is just as committed as your internal team and is, in fact, an extension of your own staff. This team works exclusively for you, and ascertains adherence to your processes and all the procedures involved. These factors make us at EX Squared able to operate sensibly and brings for the clients the benefit of a cost-effective and exceptional model.

Trusted partner for startups and Fortune 500 companies.

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Choosing a reliable software outsourcing
can take months.


You could be in for an uphill battle:

Going through dozens of websites and proposals

Poor communication due to language barriers

Waiting months to onboard and train new talent

In the meantime, your roadmap is delayed
and stakeholders are frustrated.


With over 700,000+ employees globally and 3,500 different beverages in its arsenal, Coca Cola is a brand behemoth. EX Squared was selected over countless other mobile app development agencies to develop a solution to improve deployment, adoption, and communication around a key employee program.

Mobile App Design & Development

From the requirement analysis and design phase, through development, all the way to UX Testing, quality assurance and finally maintenance, we take care of all aspects of your mobile app development process.

Instead of hiring a full, in-house development team, we set you up with battle tested app developers based in a leading software house in San Jose, Costa Rica. Our expert team leverages latest functionalities and in-demand trends aligned with your business goals to build personalized mobile applications. Let us take the weight of recruitment, on-boarding and training off your shoulders and partner you up with a development team that’s ready to go!

Our portfolio speaks of our expertise, in addition to a growing clientele that includes all sizes of businesses ranging from small start-ups and growing enterprises to well-established firms and Fortune 1000 Companies.

While our mobile UI/UX design specialists develop engaging mobile user experience, our developers create robust and secure back ends with seamless integration with third-party systems of your choice.

Our team also offers cross-platform coverage. We deliver your custom application across popular mobile-enabled technologies and platforms to ensure optimal coverage of all your target audience. From iOS & Android app development to Native and Hybrid apps, we offer top-of-the-line mobile development services that provide superior value to your clients and customers.

Our android applications have had over 150,000 downloads while our iOS applications have secured more than 350,000 downloads and counting. Our nearshore outsourcing company is a one-stop-solution to all your digital needs!


Conversion Driven Web Development

With over 20 years of experience in creating innovative and engaging websites for our clients, we know just how to facilitate your business growth and transformation through a high-quality customer-focused web application.

Our team comprises of highly skilled web designers and developers with experience in working with enhanced frameworks, well established methodologies and new technologies.

Modern web designs go beyond than simply creating an attractive website. We consider factors like the website’s user interface, scalability, performance, ease-of-use, level of engagement and technical details to ensure your website is a strong contender in today’s competitive marketplace. Moreover, our web solutions seamlessly integrate creative branding solutions into your site, bringing your business to life in the digital world!

Over 50% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices, which is why creating a mobile-friendly website is no longer an option; it’s a necessity. Our responsive web design provides a flawless user-experience, adapting perfectly to each device the user is accessing it from.

From small to mid-size businesses to local and global industry giants, we have extensive experience in creating high performing websites for all our clients with their projected target audience in mind.

From idea to implementation, our product development approach bridges the gap between engineering and design in a way our competitors can’t. The web designers at Outcoding set the bar high with efficiency, engagement and elegance when it comes to web development solutions!




elevate your
team's potential


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