EX² Outcoding is a premier solution provider based in San José, Costa Rica. We provide nearshore outsourcing solutions for each of your needs. Since 2000, we bring outsourcing services and expertise to a wide variety of United States corporations, on the following services:



Our client in Boston reports he has cut their XML processing time by half, from 4 hours to 2 hours for 9000 trades! This is a huge win and a big step in the right direction. And I hear that they might be able to cut it down even further if they choose to exclude more fields using the field chooser. Thanks for all your hard work guys!

Associate Director Development

Our software development partnership with EX2 Outcoding has helped our company bring new products to market quicker and less expensive than traditional development. I currently have a team of 14 .NET developers located in San Jose, Costa Rica. We have enjoyed very low turnover which has further contributed to our success.

Director of Software Development

We find EX2 Outcoding’s staff to be very well educated with very good communication skills, many of which have very solid consulting skills. We also find the staff to be familiarized with the American culture, making our relationship easy.

Director of Software Development


Greater Value

Our rates, talent and customer service philosophy combine to provide you with the highest possible value. Our customers realize the value of nearshore outsourcing much faster with the robust infrastructure, higher productivity and ease of communication that we provide.
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Servant Leadership Philosophy

Our business philosophy is to care more about our client’s success, to work collaboratively with them to ensure their business results are met or exceeded. We believe this will lead to our success as well.
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Work Evironment

We have a state of the art facility with covered parking (this benefit is almost nonexistent even in large office complexes). Our management philosophy, the work environment, family atmosphere and company benefits ensure a satisfied and happy workforce leading to low employee turnover.
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Strategic Location

EX² Outcoding is a 3 hour flight from Houston, Texas. It is easy to cost effectively meet your near shore team in person and to bring your team down to your offices as needed.
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Time Zone

Costa Rica is in the Central Time Zone, so EX² Outcoding is working while you are, eliminating the need for late nights and early mornings. Our teams communicate with their US counterparts using instant messaging, phone or other tools.
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Highly educated and skilled labor force

Costa Rica enjoys over a 95% literacy rate. There are multiple universities teaching software engineering and producing a stable, solid work force. EX² Outcoding is able to locate and hire top technical talent for your team.
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Bilingual workforce

English is the second language in Costa Rica. EX² Outcoding only hires bilingual professionals with excellent written and verbal communication skills.
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Cultural affinity

The culture of Costa Rica is largely in tune with the United States; a large portion of the population is from the United States.
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Reliable energy mostly from renewable sources

Most of Costa Rica’s energy comes from renewable sources, making our carbon footprint very small. EX² Outcoding is also working on becoming carbon neutral in the next three years.
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.Net Development

Web and Desktop apps, and technologies such as C#, ASP.Net, Visual Studio, VB .Net, Web API, WCF, WP

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JUnit, Jenkins, Git, Hibernate, MongoDB Tomcat, Java EE, Eclipse, Spring MVC, MySQL, Spring, J2E...

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EX2 Outcoding has developed mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Unity 3D, Mobile Web and more. Find out more!

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Web Development

Technologies: HTML5, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Drupal, Wordpress, JQuery, Java, .Net...

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Over the years, EX2 Outcoding has successfully built, tested, and supported applications for our clients. Below are case studies of these product implementations. 90% of our clients are from United States, including Fortune 1000 companies.

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